Villarreal Yellow Cup Summer

Villarreal Yellow Cup Summer is a base football tournament that offers you the possibility to celebrate the end of the season in a unique and special way with your teammates, in the wonderful tourist area of ​​Benicasim, place that has the largest number of blue flags of the entire Mediterranean awarded by the European Union and, at the same time, having one of the best sports facilities at national level, such as the Ciudad Deportiva del Villarreal CF or the Ciudad Deportiva Pamesa Cerámica.

This base football tournament has a brilliant list of teams from all over Spain and other countries as well. These teams meet for 4 days to share experiences that will never forget for the rest of their lives.

During this great football tournament,many great activities are programmed that will make you enjoy even more, such as visiting the Estadio de la Cerámica, the City of Sciences of Valencia, welcome cocktail, gala dinner for the coaches, recognition, attractions in the fields, entrance to the Aquarama water park and the Fanzone grogueta.

* The organization reserves the right to modify the program according to the schedule of the competition and tournament events.



Thursday, July 1 st

Arrival at the place of accommodation with the delivery of the documentation of the tournament, wristband and the official gift of the tournament.

Friday, July 2 sd

Start of the competition with the match dispute throughout the day. Visit to the Ceramics Stadium for all participants and guests (wristband). and going to the Aquarama park.

Saturday, July 3 rd

Dispute of matches throughout the morning. In the afternoon, great party of the tournament with recognitions, many surprises, gifts and exclusive cocktail for the guests. (Proof bracelet)

Sunday, July 4 th

Final phase of the Villarreal Yellow Cup Summer and closing ceremony of the tournament with the presentation of trophies for all the champions and runners-up of the participating categories.



  • U8 - U7: Born in 2013-2014
  • U10 - U9: Born in 2011-2012
  • U12 - U11: Born in 2009-2010


  • U14 - U13: Born in 2007-2008
  • U16 - U15: Born in 2005-2006
  • U18 - U18 - U17: Born in 2002-2003-2004


  • Under 12: Up to 12 years
  • Under 16: Up to 16 years
The regulation of the Villarreal Yellow Summer Cup, FIFA and the additional ones of the RFEF excepting the particular modifications that impose our tournament.

A league will be played between the participating teams, which will face each other. The classification in this group will decide the teams that will go to the final stage. A guarantee is minimum of 4 matches.

  • Won match: 3 points.
  • Match tied: 1 point.
  • Lost match: 0 points.

In case there are teams tied at the end of the league, the classification criteria be:

  • Goal-average general
  • Team with more goals in favor.
  • Goal - particular average.
  • Fair play

The final phase will be held in a single match and in the event of a draw a penalty shoot-out will be launched.

If a team is expelled from the competition, the matches that have been disputed.


In the GROUP PHASE, in football 11 the duration of matches will be 1 part of 40 minutes and in football 7 will be 1 part of 30 minutes.

During the CLASSIFICATION PHASE, in football 11 the duration of the matches will be 2 parts of 25 minutes and in football 7 it will be 2 parts of 20 minutes.

In contrast, in the CONSOLATION PHASE, in football 11 the duration of the matches will be 2 parts of 25 minutes and in football 7 it will be 2 parts of 20 minutes.

The breaks will be made on the same pitch and will be of 4 minutes:

  • The schedules will be strictly stringent.
  • The teams must be ready 10 minutes before each game.
  • In the case of non-appearance, the result will be 3-0.


The same team can stop the game 3 times per game and perform the maximum of possible equipment changes.

Changes made during the break are not counted.

A team can take advantage of the breakdowns of the rival team to replace the maximum of possible team players.

U8 - U7
Born between 2013 - 2014
U14 - U13
Born between 2007 - 2008
U10 - U9
Born between 2011 - 2012
U16 - U15
Born between 2005 - 2006
U12 - U11
Born between 2009 - 2010
U19 - U18 - U17
Born between 2002 - 2003 - 2004

Under 12
Up to 12 years
Under 16
Up to 16 years

15 minutes before each match, the delegates must deliver the federative cards, DNI, or passport to verify the relationship of players.


All matches will be directed by referees of the Valencian Arbitrators Association.

The referee the maximum authority in the field of play and empowered to suspend, if you notice repeated bad behavior in any of the participating teams, determining the competition sanction apply.


If the player was sent off with a red card for violent and / or unsportsmanlike conduct Any member of the tournament, will be suspended with one or more matches with possible expulsion of the tournament, this will be decided by the competition committee.

Three yellow cards during the championship will be a penalty game.

If a team or player shows a violent attitude during the competition it may be automatically ejected from the tournament.


It will be formed by 3 players or ex-soccer players, a representative of the organization of the tournament, and a lawyer specialized in sports law.

They will analyze all the incidents of the day and their decisions will be unappealable.


The organization will place the balls to dispute the matches.

The organization will NOT provide balls for the warmup.

In case of coincidence in the color of the luggage, the team that appears in second place of the calendar should change your luggage.


Each club will be responsible for the behavior of its players, companions and relatives, both inside and outside the field of play. Bad behavior can lead to expulsion from the tournament.

Bad behavior in the hotels where the equipment will be housed can lead to same to rescind the accommodation and food services without the organization of the tournament you can take part.


All delegates have to check that their players are insured (insurance private or social security) inside and outside the field of play. Each team must send a certificate accrediting this information.

Sports facilities have first Aid services.

The organization of the tournament will not be responsible for injuries, theft or accidents.

*In case of need, the organization of the Villarreal Yellow Cup Summer will be able to carry out the opportune modifications for a better operation of the tournament.

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